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[insight_title uppercase=”yes” background_icon=”yes” title=”14 Elegant Homepages”]
Organie are designed exclusively for organic related businesses.
There are 12 beautiful homepages for organic store & farm, cake, plant & flower shop!
[insight_landing_demo image=”1180″ title=”Organie Garden” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”1181″ title=”Organie Weed” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”970″ title=”Organie Shop” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”971″ title=”Organie Store” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”972″ title=”Organie Mart” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”973″ title=”Organie Farm” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”979″ title=”Fresh Flower” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”978″ title=”Spring Blossom” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”981″ title=”Floret Store” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”980″ title=”Florist Shop” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”982″ title=”Floral Boutique” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”983″ title=”Cake Store” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”984″ title=”Plant Shop” link=”|||”]
[insight_landing_demo image=”985″ title=”Garden Store” link=”|||”]
All you expect in
[insight_landing_demo type=”02″ image=”1063″ title=”Filter by price” text=”Choose a range of price to view some particular products”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”02″ image=”1065″ title=”Optional view” text=”Viewing products by list or grid is all up to you”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”02″ image=”1068″ title=”Compare buying” text=”Add to cart right where you are comparing products”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”02″ image=”1064″ title=”Quick view” text=”View product information and add to cart immediately”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”02″ image=”1070″ title=”Add to wishlist” text=”A way to remember what you like if you don’t buy it right away”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”02″ image=”1066″ title=”Advertisement popup” text=”Set this to introduce your special offers”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”03″ image=”1008″ title=”Recent viewed” text=”This helps to show all recent products that you’ve viewed”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”03″ image=”1012″ title=”Related products” text=”Give you some recommendations of related products”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”03″ image=”1013″ title=”Free product placement” text=”Display products in any page you want”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”03″ image=”1014″ title=”Labelling option” text=”Choose the duration by days in which a product is labelled new”]
[insight_title uppercase=”yes” background_icon=”yes” title=”Responsiveness”]
We’ve made sure Organie is perfectly adapted to any devices
[insight_title uppercase=”yes” background_icon=”yes” title=”Dashing data import”]
Get the same site as demo in a flash
[insight_landing_demo type=”04″ image=”1053″ title=”WPML compatibility” text=”Transform your site into a multi-lingual one”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”04″ image=”1054″ title=”Beautiful font” text=”For your exquisite site”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”04″ image=”1055″ title=”Easy customization” text=”Organie is made for your effortless establishment”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”04″ image=”1056″ title=”Top ranked” text=”Organie’s fast loading speed and SEO optimization lead to its high ranking by search engines”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”04″ image=”1057″ title=”Premium plugins” text=”We’ve included Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and they’re free for you”]
[insight_landing_demo type=”04″ image=”1058″ title=”Customer service” text=”Experience a five-star service that will bring you complete satisfaction”]
Easy establishing
& Start selling in minutes!
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